Useful WhatsApp Tricks That you must know

Useful WhatsApp Trick

We all have been using the WhatsApp for years now, But there are almost certainly some secret and useful features on whatsapp that we all don't know about.

Hide Blue Ticks

You can Turn off your read receipts. Go to:   Settings > Account settings > Privacy  Here Turn of the Read Receipts

Open Group chat, and select the message you want to reply. Now, click on the three dots and You will see an Option to send reply privately.

Reply group message privately

Hide Media in Gallery

Open WhatsApp settings, and head over to chats. Now simply turn off the Media Visibility. This will stops the images and video appearing in the gallery.

Hide Profile picture

Open WhatsApp settings, and head over to Account > Privacy click on Profile photo and select any option from Everyone , My contacts, Nobody.

Pin Chats and Groups

You can pin your favorite chats at the top. Simple Tap and Hold the Chat or group now click on the pin icon to pin the chats.